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Monday, August 13, 2012

Bad Blogger

Wouldn't you know it, as quickly as I jumped on the blog train, I fell back off. Life has been crazy busy these past few weeks, leaving my immune system fighting sickness and my body craving rest.

It all started last Monday, the 30th. I babysat overnight for a family in Fort Worth for 3 nights while still driving an hour in to work during the day. Let's just say I didn't get a full night's sleep any of those days and all of the driving was exhausting. I love the boys that I watch, they are the sweetest (and most energetic) kids!

 On Thursday, Aug. 2nd I left work a bit early to leave for OHIO. My brother, sister, and I piled into the car for the 16 hour drive.

We drove overnight on the trip there and the drive back home. And I do believe that is why I'm fighting sickness. I digress. Road trips are the best. Every exit in East Texas has a DQ, so we just HAD to stop!

Kyle was amazed by how big the burgers were. DQ in Texas has tacos on their menu, weird.
We drove through some scary thunderstorms/ tornado watches at about 3:30am. And we were greeted with the most BEAUTIFUL Illinois sunrise the next morning.

This cross was on the side of the highway.
Ohio is BEAUTIFUL in the summer. I really miss it. The weather was perfect, 70s-upper 80s all week. Some rain, a lot of sunshine. Rolling hills, greenery, and cornfields. It is just where I feel most at home. Did I mention the cornfields? I love them, I don't know why. Maybe because they make the best mazes in the fall? Or because they remind me of Brumbaugh's Fruit Farm, bonfires, and apple fritters. Nothing beats fall in Ohio, except maybe fall in the Appalachian Mountains. Husband, if you are reading this blog, can you take me somewhere that the leaves change colors this fall? Pretty please?
Back to the trip. Tim Horton's was actually our very first Ohio stop. Sticking to our Canadian roots I guess. Timbits are also known as donut holes in the US. Always have and always will be Timbits to me, YUM.
Our old exit. I find it amazing that we lived on Arlington Rd. just a few years before we moved to Arlington, TX.
And our second stop was for THE BEST PIZZA IN THE WORLD. HANDS DOWN. NO CONTEST. Okay, I'll stop yelling. But my mouth is watering just thinking about my yummy Marion's pizza with sausage and pepperoni.

To be continued...

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  1. I drove by a DQ in Ft. Worth today that had tacos! I'm not buying tacos at a DQ...just sayin'.
    Glad you had fun. Extremely jealous you got to be up north! I look for tickets every other day!