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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Favorite Season

First off I want to say WOW! There was definitely a lot of interest in my (amazing) brother. We'll see what God does with that little blog post. I will keep y'all updated if anything comes from it. I had over 2,000 hits on my blog because of that little link-up.

Now onto other topics. It is now officially Fall! Fall is absolutely, by far, my favorite season of the year. However, fall in Texas is not really fall. Boo. I'm used to cool weather, bonfires, leaves changing colors, apple orchards, hayrides, pumpkin patches, and corn mazes. In Texas, fall just means that it might be in the 80s if you are lucky. Oh, and since I live in the city, we don't have any of the above. Except a pumpkin patch or two set up in a church parking lot. Lame. So this year I am determined to make fall special and search out some of these things. It may mean driving an hour into the country, but it is totally worth it!

To get into the fall mood I thought I would list a few of my favorite recent purchases.

Firstly, I decided I needed riding boots. When I decide that I need something (its never usually a NEED, more of a REALLY want) I need it immediately. So a few weekends ago I went boot shopping with a friend. I had two requirements; 1)real leather 2) cute. I ended up with these Enzo Angiolini riding boots, and I'm not sure if I love them. They are a nice, dark brown leather that I like because it is different from my cowboy boots. I also like the rugged look they have.

I have an issue with boots. The issue is my lack of height, ha. Apparently I have short calves and riding boots are made for women who are 5' 7". My friend purchased the ones I was swooning over (they were too tall for me, boo).

I rarely shop at Old Navy. I really like their jewelry (and the price of their jewelry) but I feel like their clothes don't typically fit me right or wear well. But the other night I was in a spending mood and ran in there and found a cute leopard print belt on clearance for, get this, $3.00!! YES! Then I found this shirt and after debating between the two colors, I ended up with the lighter orange. Now I wear it on Solid Orange Fridays (Go Clemson Tigers)!! 

Another fall staple that is new to my wardrobe are these flats. I have never been an animal print girl until this season. I guess you could call me a late bloomer? They were cheap, and comfortable. I don't know how long they will be in style so I didn't want to spend a lot of money on them. 

Women's Mossimo® Ona Ballet Flat - Blush
As for our apartment, I have been burning fall scented Bath and Body Works candles around the clock. Leaves is my current favorite.

 Will's current favorite is Marshmallow Fireside. I also love anything with pumpkin or spices.    

 We had a cool streak for about a week when it was 70s to low 80s, but this week we have been back in the high 90s. Boo. But the heat doesn't stop me from drinking these bad boys.

Pretty sure my caloric intake doubles in fall. I also made a new recipe for small group on Sunday night that I found on pinterest. If you need something quick, easy, and super delicious for a fall gathering, this is your recipe. Everyone (especially my husband) raved over it and asked for the recipe. It was sooooo good, and even better warm!
Go there now for the recipe!


  1. I wrote a comment, then my phone didn't post it! Ugh!
    I LOVE the boots!
    Where did you find the flats? I've been looking for a cheap pair, too.
    Arg! I was gonna make that dessert for home group tonight but I don't have pumpkin pie spice or heavy cream. Think there are substitutions I can use?

  2. Just saw your comment, Amy! The flats are from target $14.99. Pumpkin pie spice isn't really necessary, you could maybe just use cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves mixture and just use milk for the glaze?