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Monday, November 26, 2012


If you haven't seen the new ABC comedy "The Neighbors" then the title of this post may not make sense. The show is pretty funny. It is about an American family teaching some alien's how to live like humans, and the aliens just so happen to call halloween, halloween-ween. Anyways, we don't really celebrate halloween but thought it was a good excuse to dress up and have a little get together with some friends this year! Will did a great job decorating the apartment while Haley and I cooked up a storm in the kitchen! We had it on a Tuesday, the night before hallowen, and ended up staying up way past our bed times. 

This little guy was our cutest guest. I loved his little bones outfit (technically they were pajamas, but who puts pajamas on their dog? That's just mean!)
My boss let us borrow a lot of her decorations. She got this candelabra at an estate sale and it is absolutely gorgeous! The silver was tarnished so it fit in great as a decoration.
The food table! We had mummy dogs (hot dogs wrapped in crescent dough), seven layer taco dip with a sour cream spider web on top, dirt pudding with gummy worms, chips and queso, a veggie tray, cupcakes, and pumpkin bread. Haley also brought a yummy sangria, and at about 10:00 the ladies made a pot of coffee to keep us awake, haha!

Some decorations.

We had a homeless man show up, oh wait, that's just Allen.

Will was Mayhem from the All-state commercials. I was a Martin High School cheerleader (thanks, Hannah!)

We had a great time with great friends!

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