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About Me
I'm Rachel, a newlywed, Jesus loving, blog hopping, coffee drinking, college football watching, North Texas girl.
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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Post in Which I Brag

I just have to say, I really have a great husband. He spoils me.

Today work was really busy because we are hiring care givers. So this morning I was there alone and was on the phone doing a pre-screen, had another caller on hold, someone walking in to turn in their application; and in walks the flower delivery man. What a surprise! I have never gotten flowers at work before, and it is just kind of one of those things that girls think is so romantic. I am blessed. The card said "Happy 139 days of marriage. I love you, your husband." So I guess today we celebrated 139 days. They have been the best 139 days. I'm a lucky girl. Not only does my husband cook, clean, work hard, read his Bible, pray with me everyday, play with our pup, and make sure I know he loves me...he also does little things to spoil me for no reason. :)

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